Through the viewfinder.

2 min readAug 25, 2016


One thing I like most of taking a picture is that I become being able to see a reality from another angle. Then I come to have another thinking on an object that I usually don’t. Whenever I take a picture of the road signs, I wish there were a some sign in my life so that I wouldn’t go astray. In a reality even if I got lost, I could just turn back to the last crossroads where I had taken the wrong path. Very simple. But in a real life, it’s very different. Even though you know your destination, it is not easy to get there and also you can’t be sure if you are on the right path.

I always question myself if the way I’m walking along is right. there’s always been fear of this..

what if I had taken the wrong path?

Well.. there is no answer. You wouldn’t get the answer but you must go to the end of the road. That’s why We gotta run up to the end to get the anwser. so I like the one-way or wrong way trraffic sign. If I can have one life sign, I would choose the wrong way sign. if I have it, I would know this way is wrong even before I take the road.

I still don’t know if my path is right. There is not a thing that I’m sure about but I believe one thing that there will be a glory at the end if I get there. and I’ll get there.